10 things to prioritize If I were to become the School Administrator/Principal

I wrote this essay as one of the requirements in one of my subject in Master of Arts in Educational Management.  I got a perfect score for this activity and the professor asked me to read this essay in front of the class.  Here is the excerpt of my essay:

These are the things that I need to prioritize if I were the principal of a school.  First, I will develop my people.  To do this, I will create programs geared towards the holistic development of my teachers.  I will see to it that training, seminars and workshops are in place.  I want them also to have a continuing professional education by encouraging them to enrol to short-term and long-term courses such as TESDA accredited courses (skill-based) and Masteral programs respectively.  Human development is of primordial consideration because human is the greatest wealth of an organization.

Second, I will re-visit the entire curriculum because there are possibilities that its general and specific objectives are not relevant anymore to the needs, demands and aspirations of the society where the students will eventually be applying the theories and concepts learned at school.  Also, I need to replace redundant subjects because it espouses leniency and indolence on the part of the students for over-mastering repetitive subjects.

Next, I will take the initiative of telling the studentry to organize clubs and other dynamic co-curricular and extra curricular activities so that different skills and values are honed.  These groups will serve as an avenue where students can be able to relate themselves to different types of personality.

It is important that regular conferences and meetings are observed.  I will implement it on the basis of substance over form and not the other way around which is “porma over substance”.  These meetings will give me updates as to where the school is heading.  It will allow me also to solicit advises from my people as to how we can run the school efficiently and productively.

Also, I will only hire competent and value-oriented teachers.  We can not give what we do not have, so if I will hire teachers who are not experts on their field, it will reflect to the kind of graduates that we will produce in the future.  I need teachers who will uphold the highest standards of values and morality because we are sculpting a thinking, feeling and a conscious child.

Moreover, I will include team-building activities during summer break/vacation to forge an emotional bond with all members of our organization.  It could be in the form of beach outing or local & international travelling.

More so, I will eliminate the perennial systemic greed among my people.  It may sound like a cliche or the proverbial pipe dream but through persistence, cooperation and consistency everything can be achieved to wipe out this menace plaguing an organization.  “As you will, so shall it be”- as an old adage would have put it succinctly.

One way of eliminating if not mitigating the greed and corrupt practices within the organization is through the system of check and balances.  Record-keeping and archiving of files is a must so that all transactions are truthful and transparent.  It is imperative also that rules and procedures are being followed most especially when dealing with things that are financial in nature.

Then I will discourage enterprising teachers whose time are consumed in selling goods inside the classroom.  The practice of not using the time for classroom instruction and teaching is a form of corruption because in effect the teacher is stealing the time.

Lastly, I will lobby to the board of trustees of college that the hourly rate of instructors/faculty be raised periodically so that they can meet the basic needs of their family.  Augmented financial remuneration can motivate my people to do more than expected.


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