Reflection for Reporter # 5

There is no substitute for good teaching.  This is as true with digital learning technologies as it with the technologies of chalk and board or paper and pen.  This is the view of students, parents and educators everywhere.

A qualified teacher defines compelling, challenged-based learning.  This has always been true and, in the digital age, it includes, in a very specific way, the role of the teacher in connecting students to knowledge and to knowledgeable people while enabling them to discern what is true, valid and accurate.

In the digital age, the teacher is a navigator or facilitator fostering in students the ability to search competently, safely and efficiently through the wealth of information and human resources available to them.  The teacher nurtures effective approaches, the use of appropriate tools, capacity to synthesize the results of research and the skills to create new knowledge.

Emerging digital learning technologies allow teachers not only to encourage students to pursue self-directed learning but to collaborate with them as co-learners as students introduce new technology in the classroom.  These technologies also help create  networks of learners on a local or global scale.  In a blended learning environment, technology allows for a greater share of class time to be used for one-on-one support, collaboration and consolidation of learning.


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