Reflection for Reporter # 8

Today the education environment is rich with a variety of learning technological aids which mainly complement the work of a classroom teacher in all levels of learning. When a classroom teacher or lecturer gives an assignment, the learner mostly uses a textbook or online resources such as search engines like google and Yahoo to track information from online book, journals, wikis, Encarta, dictionaries and thesaurus. Often the lecturer gives instructions through an e-mail or a sms and the learner submit the results through an e-mail.

Most modern computer labs especially in colleges and universities have capacity to simulate complex virtual experiments such as surgery and engineering which cannot be done in reality.

In Kenya, most government agencies have taken to social media and a lot of information is provided online. Education institutions such as Kenya National Examination council is registering candidates and releasing exams online. The university Joint Admission Board requires students to apply online. Also most schools and college alumni remain connected long after school through social network.

Teachers conveniently use PowerPoint with overhead projectors and other audio-visual aids to enhance delivery especially in literature set books.

Indeed, with these emerging technologies in teaching and learning environment have become more interactive, collaborative and dynamic compared to previous decades.


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